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#BIR2012 Top Books: Rift and Bloodrose by Andrea Cremer

Bloodrose and Rift by Andrea Cremer were two of my (Stacey from PageTurnersBlog) most anticipated books of 2012.  Bloodrose was an amazing end to an epic story and Rift was the perfect start to the two prequel story.  Andrea has created an amazing world for her Keepers and Searchers and I'm SUPER excited that we get to stay in this world a little longer. We hope you enjoy learning more about the world in our interview with Andrea and that you'll keep reading in 2013!

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1. You've had an end, and a beginning this year with Bloodrose and Rift, what has it been like to end a series but still be able to continue in the world of Searchers and the Keepers?
It's been wonderful! The history of the Searchers and Keepers and the origins of the Witches War were things I always knew and had extensive notes on. It was wonderful to share that story with readers - the world of Nightshade is full of tales that occurred over several centuries and I'm thrilled that I can tell those stories now!

2. The audiobook for Rift is amazing, the narrator has a beautiful Scottish accent, did you have any role in picking her or in the production of it?
I did - Random House audio does the Nightshade audiobooks and they've been amazing about choosing narrators. They send me samples of the reader's work first, but I've always felt they pick the perfect person for each book. I adore the reader for RIFT and I love her accent.

3. Ember receives a very different and unique weapon in Rift, can you give us a little history about it and why you chose it for her?
Though RIFT is set in medieval Scotland, I wanted Ember's weapon to change up the setting a bit as well as reflect the sort of magic that Conatus wields in their world. Ember's weapon is a variation of the ancient Chinese wind and fire wheel (feng huo lun), a melee weapon wielded in pairs. This weapon requires speed, agility, and grace rather than sheer force and it matched well with Ember's skills and her personality.

4. Bloodrose has a very climactic ending. Did you always know it would end that way or did it evolve while you wrote the story?
I always knew how Bloodrose would end and I dreaded arriving at the last part of that book. I cried through it while I wrote.

5. Music is a big part of your writing, and you have playlists and such for each book, but is there one song that really speaks to the series as a whole?
Florence and the Machine's Howl :)

6. You have two books coming out in 2013, one, the second prequel book to Nightshade, Rise, and the other Invisibility, the book you co-wrote with David Levithan, can you give us short little preview of each?
I actually have FOUR books coming about it 2013! RISE continues the story of the Witches War and particularly focuses on the experiences of Ember, Barrow, Eira, and Alistair. INVISIBILITY (with D. Levithan, who I love so much!) is the story of a boy who was born invisible and the girl who is the only person who can see him. I can't reveal the titles of the third and fourth books, but I can say that my fall 2013 book takes place after the events of BLOODROSE and the fourth book is the first of my adult novels. I'm so excited for 2013. I will be really, really disappointed if the world ends on December 21.


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