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#BIR2012 Top Books: The Lost Prince and The Immortal Rules by Julie Kagawa

The Lost Prince and The Immortal Rules by Julie Kagawa both showcase Julie's amazing world building and story telling.  She creates characters that you become attached to instantly and have you always wanting more.  Julie is a BIR staple, making it onto our list all 3 years of this feature.  We are SUPER excited to have her back again this year with a wonderful interview.

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1. Allison has a moment when she chooses her sword in Immortal Rules, were you channeling yourself a little in that scene? It seemed like Julie-esque moment.
Lol, maybe a little. I love swords and weapons, and katanas are, of course, my favorite. I figured what would be more awesome than a katana wielding Asian vampire girl? And no, I wasn't seeing myself as Allison in that scene (she said, lying through her teeth). Not at all. ;-)

2. Immortal Rules is a cool combination of zombies and Vampires with the crazy rabid vampires, where did this mythology come from? What kind of research did you do to create your mythology?
A lot of research went into creating The Immortal Rules, because it was essentially the real world. Granted, a broken, vampire infested world, but the real world nonetheless. Which meant that everything had to make sense. Most of my research came from watching the entire series of the Discovery Channel's Life After People, a documentary of what would happen to the world if all humans just disappeared. How long would it take for buildings to collapse? What would happen to the cars, roads, pets, wildlife? I also watched several movies on plagues and viruses, such as Outbreak and Contagion. Lots of research, but it was necessary to build a realistic world; I couldn't explain anything away with faery magic this time.

3. What would Allison's life been like if she wouldn't have been bitten and then turned? Would she have eventually become a blood slave?
Very unlikely. Allison is far too stubborn to submit to anything. If she never became a vampire, she would eventually have died, either from starvation, or fighting something nasty. Probably a vampire who wanted to feed on her.

4. Why did you want to continue the Fey story with Ethan's story? Will this be the last 3 books in this world?
Continuing the Iron Fey series in Ethan's point of view seemed like a natural progression. After all, he was the child who started the whole adventure, in a way. Meghan's story might've come to a close, but what happened to the brother and family she left behind? Ethan was bound to have lifelong scars after what happened to him as a toddler, and as Grimalkin has noted before, trouble can't seem to leave the Chase family alone.

As for this being the last 3 books of the Iron Fey, anything is possible. Who knows what will happen next?

5. Which Iron Fey character were you most excited to revisit and experience again in The Lost Prince?
I was happy to revisit all of them, really. But there are two that come to mind. One is, of course, Grimalkin, for obvious reasons. He's always fun to write about. The second is Keirran, even though we just got a glimpse of him in Iron Knight. I was excited to introduce Ash and Meghan's son as one of the main characters, even though he turned out much different than people might expect. There have been complaints that Keirran is nothing like Ash, but that's kind of the point. Keirran is not his father, or his mother, but a little mix of both. His story grows even more complex in the second book, as does his relationship with Ethan and Kenzie.

6. The second book in both series is coming out in 2013, can you give us a 3 word sneak peek at each book?
How about a 6 word sneak peek of The Eternity Cure, since the second Ethan book isn't out for awhile?

"I smelled blood as soon as..."


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  1. I LOVED the Iron Fey series! Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. I can't wait to read these two new series by Julie Kagawa! They sound awesome! Thanks for the great author interview and giveaway! Happy Holidays!