Tuesday, December 11, 2012

#BIR2012 Top Book: Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver

Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver is an action packed second book in the Best Selling Delirium Trilogy.  And this is one of 2 novels she published this year while also being very involved in Paper Lantern Lit and so many other things!  We are SUPER excited she took time out of her busy schedule to answer a few of our questions!

 ~ Pandemonium: BN.com / Amazon / Indiebound
 ~ Hana an ebook short story: BN.com / Amazon / Indiebound

 ~ Annabel an ebook short story: BN.com / Amazon / Indiebound
 ~ Requiem the highly anticipated conclusion to the trilogy:  BN.com / Amazon / Indiebound

Find Lauren Online: Webpage / blog - tumblr / Twitter / Facebook

1. I saw on facebook that the President bought Pandemonium and Delirium this weekend. What does it mean to you to see new people discovering your stories?
It's very surreal and amazing! I get excited all over again every time someone sends me the link. I can't stop tweeting about it! Of course, it's especially exciting because it's the President, but it's an amazing feeling anytime someone tells me that they've read something I've written for the first time.

2. We are highly anticipating Requiem, out next year, did you always know how the series was going to end or were you surprised by anything that happened along the way?
I certainly didn't know the specifics of it when I was writing Delirium, but I've known for a while the general path that I wanted the story to take, specifically with Lena's world growing larger with each book, and her growing strength.

3. Pandemonium is told in a split timeline format that had me never wanting to stop reading because i kept hoping you'd go back to the other timeline so I could find out what happened next. Why did you choose to write it this way and do you think it would have changed the story if you would have told it through a different format?
Every decision that you make takes a story in a different direction, so much of art is making choices. I wanted to write the story with the "now' and "then" because I thought it gave the story more suspense and momentum... and it seems like it worked for you at least. :)

4. You've had a big couple of years since your debut with Before I Fall. What does it mean to you as a creative person to be able to write across genres and age groups and to have Paper Lantern Lit as driver of others creativity?
When I'm coming up with stories, or in the process of writing them, I don't really think about them in terms of genre or age. I tell the story in the way that makes the most sense to me, and it ends up falling into those categories.

5. Can you give us a three word preview of Requiem?
Rebellion, Lena, Hana!


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